Full stack Web Developer - Responsive User Experience Designer - Nature Lover



Software Developer with experience in the web and desktop application development using various technology stacks. For me, Microsoft technology stack (C#, WinForm, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET Web API, MS-SQL) is my shield and MEAN stack is my Damascus sword. Though my love for Microsoft technology stack and MEAN stack haven't fade away, I am diving deep in to Angular 2.0. When it comes to responsive UI, I love using Twitter Bootstrap, Google Material Design, Metronic themes. For real time applications, I pick up Reactive Extension for C# and WPF and RxJs and Observable for Angular. Websockets and Server Side Events helps me to build Push based web server.

I have worked with Banks and Financial Services companies to develop real time and complex financial products (windows and web) using cutting edge technologies. Love spending time solving interesting business problems using the appropriate technologies based on the projects’ requirements and yes I do exercise best of OOPs, SOLID Principles, Design Patterns, Clean Code, TDD practices practices in Lean development life cycle. Always ready to learn something new and push myslef hard for new challenges/opportunities.

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